Lolita Photoshoot From Macau... Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scene photos from my Photoshoot in Macau last year.
Macau is not just a place for casinos, but also a place for a lot of yummy foods. A lot of people dont know about that, you truly need to find the locals to bring you. Good thing, my sister knew people who lives permanently in Macau and introduced us so a few good places to eat
One of the place is for real and inexpensive sharks fin (sorry! especially to those who protect our near extinction animals, im only trying to share yummy places i've been to with everyone!! )

One of the yummy place was here --> see Youtube Video Here!

1. Indoors Color Changing Chandelier in City of Dreams
2. Interior of City of Dreams
3. Indoor location (the wall right around Hard Rock cafe/museum) City of Dreams
4. Window Area 2/F City of Dreams
5. Outdoors, The Venetian
6. A photo with my boyfriend, the one who took all the behind the scene photos!

When i get those photos back, i will upload right away =)

Macau may be a small city, but its really worth a visit! so, go go go!!!

click here =)

ENDS JULY 14th, 2010