Juicy Gifts solves everything!

Photo from ChipChick.com

Info on this Charm:"Laptop Charm" is made of Silvertone metal covered with pink/brown enamel along with laptop motif "Love G&P". It also features so much tiny details such as power cord, screen, keyboard, usb slots etc! The surface of the laptop has rhinestone-topped golden crown and three pink rhinestones on the left side. The hook is a lobster clasp with signature crown logo.
NM Style #: JCS10_Y0DQT
Retailing online at Juicy Store for $58.00 USD
Bought from Canada Retail Store, so I'm sure they jacked it up to around $75CAD. =(

This is is a present I recently got from my boyfriend! It was a goodbye gift, an encouragement gift and another piece to my mini collection!

Ohh, how i Love presents with so many meanings!

Goodbye Gift:
He was leaving Toronto to Hong Kong for a month or so, hence all the HK places in my blog! he has been my reporter haha!! =P

To many of you who are bloggers, we all know that starting a blog from scratch is at times quite difficult. Especially when you spent hours designing, blogging, being excited and to know that you are probably writing to yourself with no readers/followers. This is why he gave me this charm, it symbolizes his support to me. Throughout all this time, I began my online business, Youtube channel and now a blog; all on my lovely laptop :)

In terms of the collection of Juicy Charms, maybe i'll post it another day if you guys are interesting, I really dont want to seem like a showoff. I only wanted to show my thanks to him. =)

to my lovely readers, have you received a really meaningful and special present? and what is it? I would love to hear from you!

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