REVIEW: Fancl Skin Care Line / Collection

I took these pictures quite some time ago, but never had time until now to post.

Fancl is a Japanese brand which offers skincare, makeup, supplements and nutritional products. What I love about their products is that a little amount goes a long way, and the effect/result is very fast. I can finish my entire skincare routine within 3-5mins!

1. Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil
This is my absolute favorite make up remover and cleanser. Hence, I have so many!! 2 opened bottles is because, one is for my washroom upstairs, and the other is for basement washroom. Then I bought two more from Hong Kong (new) but turns out my bf's mom also got me two bottles. So now I have 6 bottles. They last forever! I love how 1 small pump removes daily make up 1 pump for a dinner night out make up, 2 pumps for my photoshoot make up.
- Simple to use, it just gets everything off!!
- doesn't hurt my eyes if it gets in
- no dry feeling after, I have dry/combination skin
- leave my skin soft and moisturized
- definitely no breakouts!! Woohoo

Price: #3424-01 120mL $26.00 USD (price from the Online Site)
I think I will be posting one Bottle to my Blog Sale, for $23 CAD

2. Fancl Cleansing Powder (it comes with the foam ball)
- Wet your face
- Wet your foam ball
- put a pea size amount to the ball and make foam like you would to wash dishes
- put the foam on your face to clean face

I love this foam because my major problem is when i come across products that over dries my skin after. And foam, usually does that as it takes every bit of healthy oil away from my skin. Apparently this one doesn't so i'm recommending it. Also, i discovered a way (just my little trick) to exfoliate my skin with this cleansing powder. I will post it soon *promise*

Price: #3530-01 50g $19.50 USD

3. Fancl Milky Lotion S
Like I said, it's been awhile, they have new packaging now. See link above* This lotion is followed by a Toner, but I chose my own toner rather than using Fancl. No particular reason, just because I like my SOC toner better =) anyways, the lotion contains collagen and sweet pea extracts, giving such such, youthful skin. I always feel so nice and refreshed afterward :)

4. Fancl Sebum Care Pack
I think they discontinued this item already. It works like a serum. I don't use this too often. Sorry I can't provide a good description because I am not consistent with it. So my review won't be very complete anyways.

That's it for Fancl
Pros is that I really love how my skin is soft and moisturized!
I love that everything is quick, fast, easy to use, and good results!
It's quite pricy. I recently found a cleansing oil which has been said that it works just as good as fancl. I will review that soon! =) Keep you all posted =)

Do comment and let me know what skin care stuff you use! So maybe i can try it out myself as well!

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ENDS JULY 14th, 2010