[BUFFALO USA] Escape While You Still Can

Ever since G20 started in toronto, we have seen violent demonstrations by protestors. A lot of us saw facebook status saying "gotta get out of here" hahah. and that's just exactly what my friends did to me. text me at 430am out of nowhere saying "we're gunna come get u, be ready bring your passport" WTF? lol. turns out they wanted to hit BUFFALO. the best escape!!! hahahah got calls at 8ish and then rushed out of the door. head was still pounding and i literally could not function.

Silk Scarf from Japan (hot style in japan and north america)
double eyelids tape was KEY
false eyelashes
Marine style Gel Nails (video tutorial soon)
GEO Nudy Brown Circle Lenses
Smokey Eyes

Arrived at Fashion Outlets

The interior design makes the store super glamed and blinged out.. I love it!

Super blinged out BEBE outlet =)

Then I went to Saks Fifth Avenue to check out Sunglasses!
These are the ones I tried on.
*trick to buy sunglasses, always take a photo with and without flash to see how it looks like on you. this is because, the look you see in the mirror is through those particular lenses or shades, so your decision is altered!

Guess which ones I Bought? Answer on Next post!




Dolce and Gabbana

Later we headed to Walden Galleria just to check out Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 in the States (how it differs from Canada)

Cutest Note book from Urban Outfitters!

Mr. Stranger is really bored waiting outside of the fitting rooms of Urban Outfitters

Ohh, pink! Sweet :)

Cute Double Rings at Forever 21.
I got one of these, guess which one! Answer on next post for my Haul!

Haul pictures on next post :) check it :)