Buffalo Haul.. as promised!

I really need to give myself a ban on shopping!

I just had to take a pic of this because I thought i was gunna throw everything out when crossing the border =P

My first buy, Juicy Couture Jewelry
Starter Necklace Silver tone, because it's for the laptop charm my bf got me before. See here.
The best friendship charm

Mac Lipstick - Sugarsweet Collection (Spring 2009) - Saint Germain
Mac Lipstick - impassioned
Mac x Lilly Pulitizer!
Mac in Lillyland Collection (Spring 2010) Pearlmatte Eyeshadow (LE)

bebe Shoes, I LOVE SHOES

I've been looking for something really strong bold heels and these really gave me tht vibe
and the bottom is shiny silver, slippery as ever but i think they will be great for my next photoshoot!!

Yea i have a huge shoes fetish, my friends know.. always rocking the highest and stunning shoes hehehe

Versace Sunglasses

Fendi Sunglasses

Coach bag, i was never a coach person. Because i thought they aren't very creative and styes weren't very unique. but i had to get this because it was baby pink and the color really got my weak spot!!

Forever 21 Double ring LOVE it haha
This photo was by the cameras effect not photoshopped!!

Forever 21 love&beauty - make up line
I'm definitely going to do a review for these!!
2 eyeshadows - Pink and Black
Lip color palette
Powder Puff
Lipstick - im really obsessed with pink matte lippies lately
I think i got enough products to review their make up line =P

That's it! what do think??
As u can tell, im more of a shoes and bags person over buying make up hahaa =P
should a swatch the mac stuff too?