My First Blog

Hi to anyone who reads this.

I've started my YouTube channel, Ive started my own online facebook group - store to be honest. So I thought, why not start my own blog?

I've been blogging for all my life, first the asianavenue aka aa (im sure you had one if you were the 80s, dont lie!), to friendster, to maybe hi5, to meetmeupto (something like that) and xanga was a huge one to me, i rarely go on now but i used to blog on that a lot. Alright the list goes on. But this time I wanted to do something different. I wanted to finally write a blog to share my interests, hobbies, maybe knowledge (really?). This is completely new for me but let's hope for a fun one :)

The name of the blog.
I thought about a few names to be honest. I wanted something really fun and exciting. Afterall, this blog is supposed to keep a really positive energy and spirit =)
So here are some I went through. Pink&Sparkly. But this one seemed quite narrow, as if its only going to be bling and pink. Pinkful Playground, sounded more like Painful Playground. CandyShop reminds me of memories of being a kid, the happiness i feel when i see colorful things, and yummy sweets. However, I felt like it was a blog to sell Candies haha. So I finally settled with Sparkly Playground, because, I think when girls sees something they like, sparkles will be filled around the object, thing or person. Playground refers to how every person has a tiny or huge (like myself) part of them that never grows up. So it feels like arriving at this blog, we'll experience something playful, happy, random things that makes us cheerful - just like kids at heart.

They say, "Youth is a wonderful thing, it's a crime to waste it on children". Let's not only be youthful in our childhood, but be youthful in our minds and heart. Open to new things and try something different.

I hope you enjoy my blog :)