REVIEW: Kuang Yuan Liang Cucumber Moisturizer 絲瓜保濕活膚霜

Kuang Yuan Liang Cucumber Moisturizer 絲瓜保濕活膚霜

Hi Sparkies! During my last visit to Taiwan, I wanted to try out a local brand moisturizer for the summer time. So I decided to try Kuang Yuan Liang, a Taiwanese Brand of more than 30 years and well known for using cucumber extract (specifically: Luffa) in their products.  I previously tried their cucumber powder scrub and I really liked the natural scent of it. In this blog post, I will go over my thoughts on the moisturizer. 

REVIEW: Beauteen Hair Dye in Ash Gray

Hi Sparklies! It's time for a touch up from my last gray hair dye session. I managed to get my hands on this Japanese brand Beauteen hair dye during my Japan work trip, I've never heard of the brand before and I'm overall pretty impressed. At only about $6 CAD, it's very affordable! 

REVIEW: Solone Waterproof Eyeliner (HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT)

Hi Sparklies, today I decided to share my all-time favourite and holy grail pencil waterproof eyeliner. As a beauty enthusiast, I test trial many pencil eyeliners (sadly, most don't impress me), therefore usually I'm a liquid liner girl but this product here I absolutely swear by. It has changed my life.

Solone, is a Taiwanese cosmetics brand, and can be found in mass retailers in Taiwan. (You can also find it at SaSa/Bonjour in Hong Kong) I purchased my collection during my 3 separate trips to Taiwan. My sister and I both stocked up, she purchased over 20 in one go (basically emptied 2 stores)... if that isn't a testament to how amazing these are, I don't know what is.

Solone came out with many different types of waterproof eyeliners and has won many awards in Taiwan over the years. In today's post, I will be going through 3 of the types I have :)